Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Our New Friend!

Scary right?! Meet Mr. Monkey. Okay well actually he's supposed to be "Big Foot" but we just keep calling him a monkey anyways. The other night this monkey just comes into our house and starts chasing Jess! It was hilarious! She went and locked herself in our room scared to death while I just kept laughing at her and continued in making my pb&j sandwich. She was truly tramatized by this encounter though. So when it came over again the second time, she forced herself to give him a hug. Good job jess, way to face your fears!

- Ash


  1. Oh geez!! So this "monkey" is a girl? Not a guy? hahaha that's pretty funny. Jessie gets scared easy. She's afraid of the dark too!!

  2. Hey this is Jess and I'm not afraid of the dark!! And actually it was a guy, not a girl!