Sunday, August 22, 2010

Don't Get Whacked!

So here's a funny story for you that will help make sense of this photo here.
At the laundromat for our apartments, sometime a while back, there was a lady who was doing her laundry and i guess this black guy came and whacked her over the head with a board and knocked her out. He was going to rape her, but saw a car drive by and he got scared and ran away. So then he was at the Eastern Arizona campus and he hit another lady over the head with a board! I don't actually know if she ended up raped or not, but so later on the first lady he hit, saw him at a gas station and called the cops on him and he was arrested. But so it has kind of been mine and Jess' saying this past week.
Anytime one of us have left alone, or had to go somewhere at dark, we warn each other to not get whacked. So in order to help us remember, we created this board! We think its pretty smart if we may say so ourselves. So here's your official warning: DONT GET WHACKED!

- Ashley

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  1. Ashley - you are hilarious!!! I ♥ it. Have a blast - collage is so dang fun!!!